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Structs, traits and OOP in Rust

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Rust is quite an opinionated language when it comes to its idioms. You can do Object Oriented Programming (OOP) as a programming style just fine with it but things are in slightly different places than you’re used to when coming from places like C++ or Java. There’s a whole chapter on this subject in Rust’s official documentation, so I won’t rehash that here. The main point being: Rust may or may not be Object Oriented according to which scientist you ask. Read More...

Accepting Command line Parameters in Rust

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Accepting command line parameters can be done in essentially two ways: manually by using the args() function from the standard library, or by integrating a more or less de-facto standard package for just this purpose named clap. I’m all for using other people’s wheels instead of reinventing them myself so I’m going with clap. At the time of this writing the Clap package, or ‘crate’ in Rust parlance, is at version 3. Read More...

Learning Rust from scratch

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So you want to be a programmer? Great! So do I. Now let’s pick up Rust together. It’s an immensely powerful language that provides the control of a systems language combined with the modern features of a scripting language. This site documents my own progress and any musings on my learnings along the way, so it’s by no means a tutorial. I don’t know this stuff any better than the next beginner, so don’t take any of this seriously. Read More...


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