Ultima 7: The Virtuous Cheater's guide

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Ultima 7 The Black Gate is an awesome game, especially for its time. Those looking for this page probably already know this, so let me just skip ahead. This guide exists for those who want a different experience while playing Ultima 7. For me personally, Ultima was all about the plot and storylines. Sure they are RPG’s which means character minding, combat, taking notes and mapmaking on paper. The one main thing I intensely disliked about the Ultima games, was the combat aspect. Read More...

Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge

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The Monkey Island series of adventure games is one of the great classics from Lucas Arts. It follows the mishaps of protagonist Guybrush Threepwood on his quest for happiness against a heavily romanticized and cartoonish backdrop of 18th-century Caribbean pirates. Every cliche is there: peg legs, parrots, grog, voodoo, corrupt governors and buried treasure and all of it is packed into a series of extremely witty games. I chose to review the second installment because it’s the one that holds the fondest memories for me. Read More...

Ultima 8: a modern-day perspective

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Back in its day, in 1994, Ultima 8 was a much-anticipated continuation of the legendary Ultima series of role playing games by Origin Systems. This game, as well as the whole Ultima series, is slowly fading into obscurity though. Electronic Arts purchased and then skillfully killed Origin, the effects of which are already visible in this specific game. So why should you go through the effort of playing it at all? Read More...