Homelab 101: network planning

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Planning a network of any size is always a good idea before you dive in. Because we have a learning environment inside a “production” network, some planning goes into preventing one from impacting the other. The interesting challenge here is in keeping the cost down. I don’t have the budget for two separate networks, so the two environments will intersect at more places than would be ideal. One of the major instruments in the separation of networks is the VLAN, or Virtual LAN. Read More...

Homelab 101: What's a homelab?

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Homelab 101: What’s a homelab? As a long-time hobbyist and IT-professional I have at my home what is now called a homelab. It consists of an hot mess of more or less random computer hardware that acts both as a learning environment for my IT skills as well as the backbone for my live home network. This pretzel of purposes combined with the fact that this stuff needs to be cheap, makes for interesting constraints and a very compelling learning environment. Read More...