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Ultima 7: The Virtuous Cheater's guide

Ultima 7 The Black Gate is an awesome game, especially for its time. Those looking for this page probably already know this, so let me just skip ahead. This guide exists for those who want a different experience while playing Ultima 7. For me personally, Ultima was all about the plot and storylines. Sure they are RPG’s which means character minding, combat, taking notes and mapmaking on paper.

The one main thing I intensely disliked about the Ultima games, was the combat aspect. I don’t want my characters to just die on me when I’m figuring out the plot. Does that make me a bad gamer? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s why cheats exists. And as it happens, Ultima 7 has a very refined cheat system that permits simple tweaks to the game that won’t immediately spoil everything for you.

Stop worrying about your health

The bootable hard drive image for use with MiSTer boards contains a file called cheat.bat in the C:\ULTIMA7 directory. Start the game using this file, and the cheat system will be activated. While in-game, you can press F2 to engage the cheat menu and F3 brings up a clickable map which teleports you to any spot you like.

To ensure your character doesn’t die in combat, you can simply hit F2 and turn on the Power Avatar option. This makes your character invincible in combat and you won’t die of other causes either. Fits my purposes just fine.

I want magic to work right now!

An important plot device in Ultima 7 is the fact that magic is actually broken. If you don’t like that fact, and you want to cast all spells for free all the time, enable the Hack Mover setting as well. This not only allows you to cast all spells in your spellbook at no cost in reagents, it also grants you the ability to move any in-game object. And by ‘any’, I mean literally any. Including walls, locked doors, floor tiles, bits of ocean.. so be very careful what you click and drag around!

Find a person

While the teleportation map under F3 is useful, so is the teleport option in the cheat menu. For instance, it permits you to instantly drop yourself on the head of any NPC (Non-Player Character) in the game. The only problem there is that the NPC’s are numbered and the teleportation feature only accepts NPC numbers for teleportation. So for your enjoyment I spent an afternoon creating the list below. It saves a whole lot of searching and travel, especially useful when you’re replaying the game. Teleporting to NPC’s above 256 is done at your own risk. They exist of course, but some are there as developers' tricks to make certain plot devices work. Sure you can get to key figures this way, but you’re not supposed to and the game probably won’t react in a very useful way to you short-circuiting things this way.

The descriptions in the list below are intended to be spoiler-free in so far as a full list of names can be.

NPC NumberNameDescription
0AvatarThe player actually
1IoloIolo the bard and bowman from Yew.
2SparkOrphaned son of Christopher, the murdered Trinsic blacksmith.
3ShaminoCompanion of old.
5JaanaHealer in cove, former companion.
6TrellekEmp from the forest of Yew.
7SentriCombat trainer in Britain.
8JuliaTinkerer in Minoc.
9KatrinaFormer companion found on New Magincia.
10TseramedArcher in the woods near Yew.
11PetreStables caretaker in Trinsic.
12FinniganMayor of Trinsic.
13GilbertoWounded guardsman at the eastern gate of Trinsic.
14JohnsonGuardsman in Trinsic.
15EikoOn quest to kill the cyclops Iskander Ironheart.
16KlogFellowship branch leader in Trinsic.
17ChantuHealer in Trinsic.
18DellProvisioner in Trinsic.
19ApolloniaTavern keeper in Trinsic.
20MarkusCombat trainer in Trinsic.
21GarganShipwright in Trinsic.
22CarolineRecruiter for the Fellowship in Trinsic.
23Lord BritishSovereign of the realm of Britannia.
24NystulCourt mage at the castle of Lord British.
25ChucklesCourt jester at the castle of Lord British.
26BatlinHead of the Fellowship, branch leader in Britain.
27RaymundoDirector of the Royal Theatre in Britain.
28JesseActor at the Royal Theatre in Britain.
29StuartActor at the Royal Theatre in Britain, goes by the stage name Laurence.
30AmberActress in Britain, companion of Shamino.
31KristyToddler in the nursery at the castle of Lord British, orphan from Paws.
32MaxToddler in the nursery at the castle of Lord British.
33NicholasToddler in the nursery at the castle of Lord British, orphan from Paws.
34NannaCaretaker of the Royal Nursery.
35CsilFormerly known as Abrams on New Magincia until he advanced, now Britain’s town healer.
36ZellaTrainer in hand-to-hand combat located in Britain.
37LucyProprietor of the Blue Boar tavern in Britain.
38GregProvisioner in Britain.
39NenoStudent of music at the Royal Music Hall.
40JudithTeacher of music at the Royal Music Hall.
41CandiceCurator at the Royal Museum in Britain.
42CynthiaTeller at the Royal Mint in Britain.
43PattersonMayor of Britain.
44CarrocioPuppet performer in Britain.
45FiggCaretaker of the Royal Orchards in Britain.
46JamesInnkeeper of the Wayfarer’s Inn in Britain.
47JeanetteTavern wench at the Blue Boar in Britain.
48AmandaHalf-sister to Eiko, on quest to kill the cyclops Iskander Ironheart.
49DenbyTrainer in Britain.
50FredSeller of meats at the Farmer’s Market in Britain.
51KellyWife of Fred, runs the Farmer’s Market with him.
52WilhelmPrefers to be called Willy, baker in Britain.
53GayeRuns the clothier’s in Britain.
54CoopShopkeeper at Iolo’s Bows in Britain, Iolo’s apprentice.
55GraysonShopkeeper, sells armour and weapons in Britain.
56DianeKeeper of the stables in Britain.
57ClintShipwright in Britain.
58GordonSells fish and chips from a wagon in Britain.
59SeanJeweller in Britain.
60BrownieFarmer in Britain.
61MackFarmer in Britain.
62SnazBeggar on the streets of Britain.
63MillieRecruits for the Fellowship in Britain.
64GeoffreyCaptain of the guard at Lord British' castle.
65WislemGargoyle advisor to Lord British.
66SherryMouse who takes care of the children at the Royal Nursery.
67BootsPersonal cook to Lord British.
68BennieHead Servant at Lord British' castle.
69WestonPrisoner in Lord British' castle.
70MirandaSecretary to the Great Council.
71InwisloklemMember of the Great Council.
72NellChambermaid at Lord British' castle.
73CharlesServant in Lord British' castle.
74RudyomMage who experiments with blackrock in Cove.
75NatassiaCaretaker of the shrine of Compassion in Cove.
76RayburtTrainer in Cove.
77Lord HeatherMayor of Cove.
78PamelaInnkeeper at the Out ‘n’ Inn in Cove.
79ZinaidaOwner and manager of The Emerald in Cove.
80De MariaBard in Cove.
81ElynorFellowship branch leader in Minoc.
82GregorLeads the Britannian Mining Company branch in Minoc.
83MargaretaGypsy fortune teller in Minoc.
84SashaOrphaned sone of Frederico and Tania, murder victims in Minoc.
85GladstoneGlassblower at the Artist’s Guild in Minoc.
86XanthiaMakes and sells candelabras at the Artist’s Guild in Minoc.
87ZornBlacksmith of Minoc.
88SearaMember of the Artist’s Guild in Minoc.
89KarlLost his brother when a ship built by Owen of Minoc went down.
90OwenShipwright in Minoc.
91BurnsideMayor of Minoc.
92RutherfordBarkeeper at The Checquered Cork in Minoc.
93WilliamRuns the sawmill in Minoc.
94KarennaCombat trainer in Minoc.
95JakherCombat trainer in Minoc.
96JergiKing of the gypsies in Minoc.
97MikosForeman of the Minoc mine.
98SaralekWife of Trellek the emp.
99FodusGargoyle digger in the Minoc mine.
100TavenorEmp in the forest of Yew.
101SalamonEmp elder in the forest of Yew.
102NicodemusMage in Yew.
103ThadOn a quest near Yew to eradicate the Fellowship.
104BradmanArchery trainer in the forest of Yew.
105Sir JeffHigh Court official at the Prison in Empath Abbey.
106TieryGroundskeeper at the graveyard of Empath Abbey.
107Iskander IronheartCyclops on the run from Eiko and Amanda.
108ReynaHealer in Yew.
109Brother WayneLost monk from Empath Abbey.
110Garok Al-MatMage
111GharlTroll prisoner in the jail near Empath Abbey.
112D’RelPirate prisoner in the jail near Empath Abbey.
113SmithAnnoying talking horse in Iolo’s shed.
114AimiMonk at Empath Abbey.
115PenniTrainer in close quarter combat in Yew.
116BenLogger in Yew.
117GothWarden of the jail in Yew.
118CarlynTailor in Moonglow.
119De SnelOperator of the Library of Scars, the fighting school in Jhelom.
120JosephMayor of Jhelom.
121KliftinMaster of the armory in Jhelom.
122OpheliaBarmaid at the Bunk and Stool in Jhelom.
123DaphneBarmaid at the Bunk and Stool in Jhelom.
124SprellicProprietor of the Bunk and Stool in Jhelom.
125VokesStudent at the Library of Scars in Jhelom.
126SyriaStudent at the Library of Scars in Jhelom.
127TimmonsStudent at the Library of Scars in Jhelom.
128Iriale SilvermistGuards cave at the Fellowship Meditation Retreat.
129RussellShipwright in New Magincia.
130BorisRuns the Modest Damsel in New Magincia.
131MagentaMayor of New Magincia.
132HenryHeartbroken on New Magincia.
133ConstanceWater bearer on New Magincia.
134RobinCheater at games of chance on New Magincia.
135BattlesBodyguard to Robin.
136LeavellBodyguard to Robin.
137SamSells flowers to the people of New Magincia.
138GornExploring the cave at the Fellowship Meditation Retreat.
139Invalid NPC number
140MarkhamRuns the Keg O' Spirits on Skara Brae.
141Lord HoranceLiche on Skara Brae.
142TrentBlacksmith on Skara Brae.
143Mistress MordraHealer on Skara Brae.
144RowenaLady of the Tower on Skara Brae.
145PauletteTavern wench on Skara Brae.
146QuentonFisherman on Skara Brae.
147ForsytheMayor of Skara Brae.
148Invalid NPC number
149Shandu, Shanda and ShandoThree-headed hydra, guardians of the Cadellite.
152ZeldaAdmninistrator at the Lycaeum.
153MariahMage Moonglow.
154GrodTroll who tortures prisoners.
155CuboltRuns the farm near Moonglow.
156BalaynaClerk for the Fellowship in Moonglow.
157TolemacFarmer in Moonglow.
158MorzFarmers' hand in Moonglow.
159JillianScholar at the Lycaeum in Moonglow.
160EffremFather of Mikhail, wife of Jillian the scholar.
161ChadWeapons trainer in Moonglow.
162EladHealer in Moonglow.
163PhearcyBartender in Moonglow.
164AddomTraveller who sells artifacts in Moonglow.
165FrankDevout follower of honesty.
166ThurstonOperates the mill in Paws.
167FeridwynRuns the shelter in Paws.
168BritaWife of Feridwyn, runs the shelter in Paws.
169AlinaLives in the shelter in Paws.
170MerrickFormer farmer, lives in the shelter in Paws.
171GarritSon of Feridwyn and Brita.
172MorfinMerchant in Paws.
173BeverleaRuns House of Items in Paws.
174KomorBeggar in Paws.
175FennBeggar in Paws.
176AndrewRuns the dairy in Paws.
177CamilleRuns a small farm in Paws.
178TobiasSon of Camille in Paws.
179PollyRuns the Salty Dog in Paws.
180DraxinusomFormer leader of the Gargoyles.
181InforlemCombat trainer on Terfin.
182InmanilemHealer on Terfin.
183TeregusCaretaker of the alters of Control, Passion and Diligence on Terfin.
184RunebFellowship clerk on Terfin.
185QuanBranch leader of the Fellowship on Terfin.
186QuaevenMaster of the Recreation Facility and Learning Center on Terfin.
187SilamoGardener on Terfin.
188SarplingShopkeeper on Terfin.
189ForbrakBartender at the Hall of Refreshment on Terfin.
190BetraProvisioner on Terfin.
191MartingoSultan of Spektran.
192MenionCombat trainer in Serpent’s Hold.
193PendaranKnight in Serpent’s Hold.
194JehanneProvisioner of the Serpent’s Hold.
195John-PaulOverseer of the Serpent’s Hold.
196RichterArmourer of the Serpent’s Hold.
197HorffeCaptain of the Guard in Serpent’s Hold.
198JordanSeller of bows and crossbows at Iolo’s South in Serpent’s Hold.
199DentonTavernkeeper in Serpent’s Hold.
200ToryCounsellor in Serpent’s Hold, mother of Riky.
201LeighHealer of Serpent’s Hold.
202IanDirector of the Fellowship Meditation Retreat.
203CadorOverseer of the Britannian Mining Company branch in Vesper.
204MaraMiner in Vesper.
205ZaksamCombat trainer in Vesper.
206EldrothProvisioner in Vesper.
207YongiBartender at the Gilded Lizard in Vesper.
208BlornDoesn’t want to talk, Britannian Purity league, Vesper.
209AustonMayor of Vesper.
210LianaMayro’s clerk in Vesper.
211Lap-LemMiner in Vesper.
212YvellaWife of Cador, mother of Catherine in Vesper.
213CatherineDaughter of Cador and Yvella in Vesper.
214For-LemWrites down gargoyle legends in Vesper.
215AnsikartTavernkeeper in Vesper.
216Wis-SurMage in Vesper.
217Unknown wingless gargoyleTavern guest in Vesper.
218Unknwon wingless gargoyleTavern guest in Vesper.
219AurvidlemProvisioner in Vesper.
220SullivanThieving Avatar-imitator.
221WenchMakes people happy at the Baths in Buccaneer’s Den.
222GlennoManager of the Baths at Buccaneer’s Den.
223MartineMakes people happy at the Baths in Buccaneer’s Den.
224RobertoMakes people happy at the Baths in Buccaneer’s Den.
225SintagGuard at the House of Games in Buccaneer’s Den.
226BlacktoothPirate in Buccaneer’s Den.
227MoleRetired pirate in Buccaneer’s Den.
228LuckyPirate and trainer in Buccaneer’s Den.
229BudoProvisioner in Buccaneer’s Den.
230GordyRuns the House of Games in Buccaneer’s Den.
231MandyInnkeeper of the Fallen Virgin in Buccaneer’s Den.
232SmithyRuns the games at the House of Games in Buccaneer’s Den.
233PaulPerformer in the Passion Play just outside Trinsic.
234MerylPerformer in the Passion Play just outside Trinsic.
235DustinPerformer in the Passion Play just outisde Trinsic.
236EllenBookkeeper at the Fellowship branch in Trinsic, wife of Klog.
237KesslerRuns the apothecary in Britain.
238PerrinMonk in Empath Abbey.
239OwingsMiner in Vesper together with Malloy.
240AntonFormer apprentice to Alagner, imprisoned in Buccaneers' Den.
241PapaHermit living together with Mama in Bee Cave near Yew.
242TaylorMonk in Empath Abbey.
243MalloyMiner in Vesper together with Owings.
244CairbreSell-sword in Destard.
245KregCriminal hiding in Empath Abbey as a monk.
246AlagnerScientist of sorts in New Magincia.
247CaineFormer alchemist in Skara Brae.
248BrionHead of the Observatory in Moonglow.
249NelsonHead of the Lycaeum in Moonglow.
250RankinFellowship branch leader in Moonglow.
251DanagInterim Fellowship branch leader in Buccaneer’s Den.
252KallibrusWarrior for hire, helping Cosmo find a unicorn.
253CosmoSearching for a unicorn.
254LasherFoolproof virgin detector.
255MamaHermit living together with Papa in Bee Cave neer Yew.
256WispXorinian wisp.
257Unknown guardGuard at the north gate of Trinsic.
258Unknown guardGuard at the south gate of Trinsic.
259Uknown fighterFighter in dungeon on the Isle of the Avatar.
260DragonUnknown dragon.
261Stone HarpyMagical guard on the island of Spektran.
262GuardGuardsman at Lord British' castle in Britain.
263GuardGuardsman at Lord British' castle in Britain.
264GuardGuardsman at Lord British' castle in Britain.
265GuardGuardsman at Lord British' castle in Britain.
266GuardGuardsman at Lord British' castle in Britain.
267DogSir Pendaran’s dog at Serpent’s Hold.
268Unknown mageMage in a secret room on the Isle of the Avatar.
269GuardGuardsman at Lord British' castle in Brtian.
270Alagner cloneSage on the Isle of the Avatar. Developers' trick in dealing with the Alagner story arc.
271DogDog in Cove.
272Duplicate AlagnerDevelopers' trick in dealing with the Alagner story arc.
273HookFellowship inner circle in Alagner’s duplicate house. Game will break if you fight them.
274ForskisFellowship inner circle in Alagner’s duplicate house. Game will break if you fight them.
275ElizabethFellowship inner circle in Alagner’s duplicate house. Game will break if you fight them.
276AbrahamFellowship inner circle in Alagner’s duplicate house. Game will break if you fight them.
277SkeletonGuard at the tower of Skara Brae.
278FighterUnknown fighter on the Isle of the Avatar.
279Invalid NPC number
280PirateUnknown pirate on the Isle of the Avatar.
281Invalid NPC number
282Invalid NPC number
283Invalid NPC number
284Invalid NPC number
285SkeletonGuard at the tower of Skara Brae.
286Invalid NPC number
287Invalid NPC number
288PaladinUnknown fighter in Despise.
289MageUnknown mage in Despise.
291HookAt game ending
295Forge of Virtue charactersPlaceholder for all NPC’s you meet in Forge of Virtue. You cannot teleport directly to them.
298ForskisAt game ending
299AbrahamAt game ending
300ElizabethAt game ending
301BatlinAt game ending